Past Life & Ancestral Tarot Workshop


Accessing Soul and Genetic Memory with the Tarot
Tarot is the language of the human condition.  It is an excellent pictorial and symbolic medium for exploring life’s more philosophical and profound questions.  Where have we come from?  Who are we?  & Where are we going?

What is Memory?
Memory is stored by activation of neurons in our brains and is recorded into our cells.

Memory TypeFormed byRecalled by
ConsciousFirst-hand experience, thought and perception.Memory pathways with ease.
SubconsciousIntuitive and impulsive responses. 
Archive of not currently needed information.
Meditation and self-reflection.
UnconsciousAbsence of direct experience.  Autonomic process. Shielded from the conscious mind.
(The unconscious accounts for around 95% of all brain activity).
Accessed only by Altered States of Consciousness (ASC).
-Personal-Soul encoded memory from Past Lives.ASC
-Collective– Genetic encoded memory from Ancestry.ASC
Types of memory

“The collective unconscious consists of the sum of the instincts and their correlates, the archetypes. Just as everybody possesses instincts, so he also possesses a stock of archetypal images.”  Carl Jung 1919 Instinct and the Unconscious.

(Jungian archetype; a primitive (primal) mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors).

Past Lives and the Tarot
A catalyst to give insight into the multi-faceted mirror of past life and personal identity.

Soul Memory accessed from Past Lives could influence or explain current behaviours.  Why do we hold significant beliefs about irrelevant factors?  Why do we have firm principles, creative talents, and connections to other ways of life?
What soul lessons do you need to learn?  What issues need to be healed?  Why do you feel a deep resonance with particular people, location, time period, culture?  What is the root of our irrational fears?  How can we stop negative patterns?
Exploring past lives exposes unexpected answers or painful memories.  Although potentially unsettling we are receiving this insight for a reason.  Careful exploration can release those stagnate energies and end cycles.  We become more resilient and skilful when facing similar issues.  With your compassion renewed and your judgement checked, you can come fully back to this life with a newly balanced perspective.

Ancestral Lineage and the Tarot
Speaking with the Ancestors is one of the oldest forms of spirit communication. Family or ancestral objects pass on a deep connection and is an expression of inherited skills. Blood ancestors live on in your cells and are accessed through inherited genetic memory. 
Uncovering family backgrounds may expose traumas, toxic ancestors, the horrors of war and conquest, and the forgotten, hidden, or neglected souls.  We can learn from these experiences and choose not to repeat them over and over again down the generations. 
We may find strong ethics, values, and principles we resonate with connected to perhaps social cohesion, universal justice, acts of compassion, and the bonds between kin.

These types of readings are like viewing faded photos, or unearthing archaeological artefacts from differing contexts.  Inevitably, the unconscious memory types will mix making retrieval fragmentary.  The cards will suggest things like; gender, location, social status, family life, personality type, important events, time-period, life lessons, challenges, purpose of life, and continuing influences in the current life.

Choosing Your Deck

Tarot Practice
Start with a deck you know well. Go into a receptive altered state and calmly focus on the card image.  Read literally what you see and feel. Keep it simple, trust your gut feeling.  Simple keyword suggestions to what the spirit is saying can assist the intuitive flow.  
Be confident in your psychic hits above any meanings offered by someone else.

Work with personal magical disciplines in conjunction with known Benevolent Ancestors, Helping Spirits, or the Divine as Gate Keepers.  Be polite and formal in your readings this will help the operation run smoothly.  Let the spirit know clearly when it is time to depart with thanks. 
Use discretion in your contacts.  Our ancestors or past selves were as flawed as anyone else and people of their time.  Human behaviour is complicated, there was pain and joy in all our lineages.  ‘Just because they are dead it does not mean they are wise’. 

Questions Questions

This practice can be emotional and difficult. Allow information to flow freely without imposing our own values.  We do not need to reconnect with upsetting issues. 
In the unlikely event that any uncovered experience becomes extremely severe and debilitating, please seek professional help.

Multiple Deck Readings

Other Helpful Practices
In any tarot reading employ a proactive approach to knowing your own energies from those of another.  Appropriate Magical Precautions are grounding, centring and cleansing. 
Use a disciplined approach to ‘dialling in and out’ of alternate states of consciousness using the tarot deck as the on/off catalyst for the channel.
Keep a Notebook of Experiences, readings, dreams, insights, journeying, etc.
Readers often work with Talismanic Objects. Using crystal energies is a very ancient practice and you can use any found stone. Petrified Wood (Ancestors), Phantom quartz (Past Life), Black Tourmaline (dispel negativity), and Lapis lazuli or Amethyst (amplify energy). Find an ethical seller, work with the environment, or pick litter to offset harm.
Ancestor Altar.  A place for photos, possessions, or things they loved.  A place to ask for guidance and support.  A place to leave offerings to their memory.
Family Tree research.  Who they were; what they did; when and where they lived; their culture and ethnicity; what language they spoke; and visit places they knew.

Mind Mapping
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