Divination of the Nornir

Divination of Wyrd; Council with the Nornir
About the workshop.
We begin with a short introduction to the Nornir, what their roles are, and some concepts around them.  Our primary focus in this workshop is to invoke the Nornir and receive their council as a group activity.  This will be achieved by using the magical practices of centring and grounding, and then followed by aspecting the spirits of the Nornir, and rune divination.
Each participant will be asked to submit a simple question written on a piece of paper and their name on another.  Supported by the workshop leaders and the working group, participants will be called by the spirits, go under the cloak or veil, take a question, then a rune card, and offer a few words of divination.
Aspecting is a magical practice in which a participant channels the presence of a spirit by means of an altered state of consciousness.  Due to the time constraints of a workshop, this will be a light aspect.  We intend for participants to briefly become a hollow vehicle for the visiting spirit, and to reach a state somewhere between divine inspiration to directly enabling the spirit to speak.  We will be using cloaks or veils to hold the energy of the chosen Spirit.  Going under this cloak will aid the aspect, taking off the cloak returns us to the self.  
Rune divination will be in the form of cards displaying a depiction of the rune with some suggested keywords to ensure that people do not go blank and drop out of the ritual.

‘Do Ye Understand Yet, or What?’

For more detailed information please visit the Nornir page.
Go here for guidance on the practice of aspecting
Here are some rune meanings.
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Below are the slide images for the workshop.

The Rune Spirits