Visions and journeys in Otherworldly Places

Visions and journeys in otherworldly places gathered from our personal experience, journey and ritual. Our journeys, visions and muses are presented here for use by anyone who wishes to adventure into the otherworld.

Our work is based on the native traditions of the Isles of the Mighty (British Isles, as they are know today), and draw on the mythology of England (Albion), Wales (Cymru), Ireland (Eire), Scotland (Calandonia), and Cornwall (Kernow), as influenced by Celtic writings and culture, and of course the Faery Faith.

The journeys and visions are presented as is. We have removed anything too personal so that they can be used by all. But how you use them, or if you adapt them, is up to you, the user.

Muses, poems, or ritual material is also for use. But it would be common courtesy to acknowledge sources.

The Temple of the Sun & Moon is devoted to Oracular work and other divinatory practices. Closed oracular sessions take place as governed by the Sun and the Moon.  This is part of our personal magical practice and service to the outer community.
We invite you to pose a question for the Oracle via email for consideration.

Blessed be.


Long Meg and Her Daughters

Long Meg and Her Daughters

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